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IsoSensuals Tight Review

IsoSensuals tight is just one of the numerous vaginal tightening products on the market claiming to give you a tighter vagina quickly and easily. But you would be right to ask if it really works or if there is a better alternative. IsoSensuals tight is an all natural vaginal tightener that is colourless and odourless …

Vaginal Weights for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal exercises have been used for many years by women wanting to get a tighter vagina for various reasons. Nowadays, exercises such as kegels can be combined with devices known as vaginal weights (also known as vaginal cones) to improve the efficiency of these exercises. How do vaginal weights work? Essentially, use of vaginal weights …

Do Kegels Really Work for Vaginal Tightening?

Lots of women want to get a tighter vagina for various reasons. They may not feel as tight as before down below due to childbirth or simply due to the ageing process. Probably the first soution women turn to is vaginal tightening exercises such as kegels which involve a series of muscle contractions in an …

Disadvantages of Vaginal Tightening Surgery

  All women want to have tight vaginas for various reasons such as more intense orgasms or regaining tightness after childbirth. The causes of a loose vagina are many and variedĀ , as too are the ways of gettingĀ  tighter vagina. The best solution for a tight vagina is either application of creams or laser surgery. …

Laser Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Laser vaginal tightening surgery is one option you might consider if you are looking to get a tighter vagina. But before you decide if it is the right option for you, consider some of the downsides of this highly invasive surgery. Disadvantages of laser vaginal tightening For example, you might think that because a laser …

Lady Secret Serum Review

Lady Secret Serum review to help you decide if this vaginal tightening cream is right for you. What is the secret banned ingredient in Lady Secret Serum?

PK24 Review

We review PK24 vaginal tightening cream and compare it against the leading brand. Does PK24 work? Or is PK24 a scam?

Sex After The Menopause

Yes you can have sex after the menopause. The secret is combatting the loss of libido and vaginal dryness that can occur. We find out how.