Vitamin E For Vaginal Dryness

vitamin e oil for vaginal drynessA healthy vagina is well lubricated and naturally moist, and when this careful balance is disturbed it can lead to infections and problems like thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis. For some women dryness is a major problem that causes great discomfort and issues.

Vaginal dryness can strike at any age for any number of reasons including after the menopause or childbirth. Women have been using natural remedies like vitamin E oil for centuries to remedy dryness in all parts of the body,including the vagina. Why is vitamin E thought to be good for vaginal dryness?

Vitamin E oil has strong moisturising properties that can alleviate the lack of natural lubrication that causes dryness down below. It also is used in commercial moisturisers because it is thought to repair damaged skin cells and protect the skin from free radicals.

You can purchase vitamin E capsules from a health store or online, pierce the capsule and apply to the inside of the vagina daily for at least two weeks. Capsules can also be inserted whole whilst lying down as the body will naturally break down the capsules wall.

Or if you want to use something that is designed to be used inside the vagina,you could buy a ready made formula that contains vitamin E and is designed for overall vaginal health like V-Tight gel.

V-Tight gel was originally sold as a vaginal tightener, but was found to have remarkable lubricating propertiesthat were longer lasting than a traditional lubricant. It works to moisten the vagina using natural ingredients including Vitamin E, whilst providing a whole host of benefits such as warding off common vaginal infections.

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