18 Again Indian Vaginal Tightener Review

“18 Again” is a vaginal tightening gel that was created in India, and has taken the media by storm for its video that has been deemed offensive by some people. It is the first time an advert of this nature had been shown in India which could explain why it sparked controversy. Here is the video in full:

We looked at the 18 again website and it seems to be an OK product. It contains common tightening ingredients like Alum as well as vitamin E and Aloe Vera for lubrication and overall vaginal health.

The problem with 18 again is that you have to use it for 3 months, twice a day before you start to see tightening results. Whereas V-Tight gel allows you to experience an instant vaginal tightening effect.

It is great that it promises a long term solution to vaginal tightening, but as well is an instant tightening sensation, V-Tight gel also works on tightening the vagina for the long term, so this is nothing new.

What also shocks me is the astronomical price. If you were to buy one bottle of 18 again and get it shipped to the USA it would cost $190! V-Tight gel is around a quarter of that price (and cheaper if you buy more than one tube).

Weighing up the facts it seems to me that 18 again will get some customers who are not aware of the other options out there.

Really I think V-Tight gel is a much better alternative to 18 again for long lasting vaginal tightening that starts instantly and costs a fraction of what 18 again costs.

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