Pelvic Floor Muscle Creams and Exercises

Lots of women would like to have tighter pelvic floor muscles. Whether that’s to avoid problems like incontinence or to improve sexual sensations there are ways to tighten up these muscles. We will explore the best two approaches to get tighter pelvic floor muscles in this article.

Combine these two approaches and you will soon have that tighter pelvic floor you are wanting, quickly and easily.


After childbirth and as you get older, the vaginal muscles will be weaker and doctors often suggest carrying out kegel exercises. These exercises involve flexing the pelvic floor muscles by squeezing them as if you were holding in urine, holding for 5 seconds, then releasing and repeating many times.

The important thing to remember is that they should be repeated every day for a long period of time in order to feel any effects.

These are a great way to tighten up down below as they work like any exercise by strengthening the muscle you are toning up. You can combine them with another treatment to get faster and even better results, and that treatment is a vaginal tightening cream.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

These are an excellent addition to kegel exercises as you can apply them directly to the vaginal wall to start tightening it up. The problem is many creams only work in the short term which is pretty useless if you have a long term problem like slack pelvic floor muscles. Fortunately the higher quality creams like V-Tight gel are designed for long term tightening.

V-Tight gel is a vaginal tightener that works almost instantly to tighten the vagina, but also works on the long term health of your vagina. It helps to prevent common infections and lubricates as well as providing a top class tightening effect.

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