Does a perineal tear cause a loose vagina?

After childbirth many women experience tearing of the area between the vagina and anus. This is because sometimes the perineum does not stretch fully before childbirth causing it to tear.

Depending on how severe the tear is, a tear can be treated fairly easily either immediately following birth, or later.

Some women who have experienced a tear may worry that it has affected the tightness of their vagina.

Apart from surgery to fix the tear, there are natural ways to achieve a tighter vagina if this is a concern.

One method particularly used after childbirth is kegel exercises, but these cannot help with common issues like loss of elasticity and vaginal dryness.

Another option is a natural vaginal tightening cream like V Tight, which is also known as a vaginal rejuvenation gel because not only does it tighten,lubricate and improve elasticity it also has antifungal properties to ward off common vaginal infections.

So if you are worried about a loss of tightness after a perineal tear, know that there are options to help you.

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