Revirginization Surgery Alternatives

If you look at popular newspapers today you will no doubt find a section devoted to advertising cosmetic surgery. Including, shockingly, ads for “revirginization” surgery. Also known as designer vagina surgery, these advertisements claim to repair the hymen and restore virginity.

This confuses me because in my opinion, once you have lost your virginity you cannot reclaim it. Secondly, an intact hymen doesn’t mean that virginity is maintained. Many women could have tore their hymen due to use of tampons, or even taking part in vigorous exercise or sports.

I believe that this type of surgery is quite an extreme measure, particularly if you would just like to generally tighten up down below or to enjoy a better sex life.

Nevertheless, it is an option that some women may consider so I decided to look into it to see exactly how it works.

The procedure

The procedure is carried out my injecting a filler into a spot near the vaginal entrance to produce the illusion of an intact hymen. So in reality you aren’t getting a “new” hymen.

How much does this set you back? There is no medical reason why this surgery would be carried out. Therefore in the US insurance will not cover the very high cost. It can run into the thousands of dollars depending on which country you live in.

It’s a particularly sensitive area to have invasive surgery on, and the recovery will be awkward and painful. Is the high cost and pain really worth it for a fake hymen?


I firmly believe in exploring all options before deciding on a treatment for what may be a common problem such as a loose vagina or lack of pelvic tone.

I also don’t buy into the designer vagina myth, there is no such thing as a perfect vagina, is no part of our bodies sacred from the media brainwashing?

If you are looking to tighten up your vagina and feel as if you are a virgin again, a vaginal tightener is a much less extreme way of going about this.

We recommend V-Tight gel as the top vaginal tightening product because it is an all natural and very effective way to combat common problems like vaginal dryness and lack of tightness.

To summarize, if you think a fake hymen would restore your virginity I am afraid you are mistaken. But there is a way to go about retaining the tightness and elasticity of a virginal vagina, through a vaginal tightener like V-Tight gel.

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  • OK so if you have sex for the first time and your vagina ends up getting a little bit loose does it ever go back to how tight it was if you don’t have sex for over a year?

    • Hello Heba,
      Thanks for your question. Most women sadly feel that when they lose their virginity they are no longer as tight as before. But if you have only had sex once it isn’t likely that the difference will be great.
      Hope that helps to answer your query.

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