Vaginal Tightening Pills Review

There are lots of different ways to achieve a tighter vagina. For example you could do pelvic floor exercises, use a tightening cream or suppository. One of the ways of getting a tighter vagina is by using a vaginal tightening pill. We set out to review these pills to see if they really work.

First I looked for the top brands on the market. The LPill seemed to be most commonly sold via its own website and a few other retailers. Looking at the ingredients there is little evidence that these herbs have vaginal tightening properties, except for in gall nuts (also known as oak gall) which is a traditional remedy to a loose vagina.

The evidence that does exist for oak gall involves the application directly to the vaginal wall, for instance via a cream or pessary. There is no evidence that these pills can deliver the ingredients to the vagina to actually work.

You see, that is the problem with all vaginal tightening pills, how do we know that the ingredients won’t just be broken up by stomach acids before they get a chance to get to work, if they actually work at all.

A much better solution is using a product that you apply directly to the vagina, such as a vaginal tightening gel. If you pick one that has instant and long last effects like V-Tight gel, you can get the instant tighter feeling whilst knowing that you have a long term solution to your problem.

Whats more, V-Tight gel also acts as an anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, meaning it wards off common infections like yeast infections and BV. It also acts as a lubricant and restores elasticity to the vaginal walls.

If this sounds good to you:

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