Vaginal Tightening Suppositories

If you are not as tight as you would like to be down below, you may look into the many options that are available to you including vaginal tightening suppositories. These are vaginal inserts that claim to make your vaginal walls tighter and some offer other benefits like increasing sexual desire.

Do these suppositories actually work? The answer depends on the brand. We looked at a few different products to see what ingredients that contained. This would help us to answer if they really work.

La Fuyuan – I couldn’t find any scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of any of the ingredients this contains.

TighTenz – Of all the ingredients, quercus infectoria stood out as a common vaginal tightener that does work.Other ingredients don’t appear to do much for tightening though.

Vagina-X– quercus infectoria appears again, along with Alum: another natural herb that has been used for vaginal tightening for centuries.

Looking at the above, I have to say that vaginal suppositories (or pessaries) can be effective for tightening to a certain degree, but I think there are much better ways of getting a tighter vagina.

Let’s take creams as an example. I have reviewed many tightening creams on this website and the one that comes out on top is V-Tight gel. Remember Quercus Infectoria that kept popping up in the ingredients list? You guessed it, this has it plus much more.

It also contains various natural herbs that not only tighten the vagina, they also ward off common vaginal infections, increase lubrication and can even enhance sexual sensations and desire.

So in conclusion, while vaginal suppositories can be effective there are much better products in terms of effectiveness and benefits. I highly recommend V-Tight gel cream if you are looking to tighten your vagina quickly and easily.

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