Venus Virgin Cream Review

Venus Virgin cream by Maxx Nutrition belongs to a group of products called vaginal tighteners that aim to tighten up the vagina. We decided to look into this product to see how it stacks up against the market leader, V-Tight gel, and to see if it is worth buying.

When I look at products such as this, I want to know I can trust the company and the product so that if something goes wrong, or if the product doesn’t work, I know I’m in safe hands.


Venus Virgin cream does seem to have some good ingredients including Oak gall which is a well known herb that has been used as a vaginal tightener in herbal remedies for centuries. However, on closer inspection you can see V-Tight gel and Venus Virgin cream actually contain some of the same ingredients including oak gall (manjakani) and Arginine.


Don’t forget that you have to pay shipping on top of the cost price, and with all things considered V-Tight gel actually works out cheaper for most countries including the US and UK. With many of the same ingredients, and more, why should you pay more for an inferior product?

Tightening Effect

I could find little information about exactly how long it takes for Venus Virgin cream to take effect, but a headline on its official website claims it works in days. By contrast V-Tight gel promises to get to work within minutes or almost instantly, and also works on the long term tightening of your vagina.

The Winner

It seems that V-Tight gel is a clear winner compared to Venus Virgin cream. It is cheaper, works quicker, has a risk free money back guarantee and has some of the same ingredients plus many more powerful vaginal tighteners.

With customer support on hand in case you want to ask questions, and a trustworthy manufacturer behind the product (Natural Products Association), V-Tight gel seems like the best choice.

If you want to find out more information about V-Tight gel including how it works, the ingredients it contains, and customer testimonials:

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  • I got caught by the “No strings attached” returns policy of the venus cream. I didn’t realise they only refunded on unopened packs 🙁 Oh well another expensive mistake. V Tight looks good though.

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